Rough tissue has soft heart

15 Jan

How many times do you walk through a crowded store and discover a note written just for you on a product? A product that says it cares about you when you’re down, when you’re faced with problems and that it will be there for you when other items have forsaken their duty? Just once in a lifetime. If you’re lucky.

There I was, staring down at this kind, quiet message, telling me, “I’m there when you’re sad. Feel better, Tissue.” I picked up the box and found more messages. Tissue told me it was there for me when I was sick, when I had to pick up icky things. And when toilet paper would run out on me…Tissue would be there, too.

This is not a flimsy, soft and cuddly tissue. It’s got a stronger fiber. One that can deal with the task at hand. A tissue not to be savored, but appreciated for its dependability and stamina. Let Puff’s tend to one’s specialty needs, Trader Joe’s tissue is the Hefty bag of sniffle wipes. Industrial strength with a heart of gold.

One friend who shall remain nameless (anetjay) was not as taken by message or the product. But I would suggest to her, no tissue can be everything to everyone. Appreciate this tissue for what it can do – and it does it well. And open your heart to its caring message.

Love is just around the corner,  in a box on the bottom shelf of aisle four. Yours for $1.29. Plus tax.

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