Price check: Fage yogurt

16 Apr

I tried a Greek yogurt at Trader Joe’s several months ago, and registered a yogurt fail. Now, all that has changed.

Enter: Fage yogurt. Oh. Yum. First of all, the base yogurt is proudly plain, sitting coyly next door to a ready-and-willing reservoir of flavor.

At first opening, I was about to pour the raspberry jam into the yogurt and swirl like a crazy person before my friend GC stopped me from making a mammoth mistake. She instructed me on the nuances of Fage (pronounced Fah-yeh!) eating.

Instructions: Take a bit of yogurt on your spoon, dip lightly in the jam and proceed to mouth. Swoon. Repeat.

Price check: Fage yogurt

Other local grocery I frequent: $1:59

Trader Joe’s: $1:49

Fage yogurt

Thank you, TJ’s!


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