Livin’ the salsa verde

18 May

It’s always a tough choice – green or red? Trader Jose’s Salsa Verde puts up a compelling argument for green.

Total disclosure: I’m a heat wimp, but a flavor craver. I LOVE this salsa. It’s got more of a tang than a bite, but it’s full of personality.

However, when you’re comparing it against TJ’s Roasted Garlic Salsa (subject of a future post), I only have one thought: Why choose?


Salsa Verde in action, slathering a couple of TJ’s Tamalitos:

Salsa Verde in action

Trader Jose’s Salsa Verde

Gracias, TJ’s!

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One Response to “Livin’ the salsa verde”


  1. You had me at roasted garlic salsa… « Things I love at Trader Joes - July 9, 2012

    […] longtime readers of TILATJ know, I love TJ’s Salsa Verde. But the roasted garlic salsa is the one men have died for. This salsa makes healthy, strong women […]

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