These are not “just” mango slices…

21 May

Today’s guest post is from Janet:

I’ve been going back and forth about switching to a vegetarian diet. In my crazier moments, I even toy with the idea of going vegan.

For me, the idea of going vegan or vegetarian almost sounds ridiculous because I don’t really like many vegetables. But, I know they are good for me, and I figure if I cut meat out of my diet, I will have to learn to like veggies. And, if all else fails, maybe I can just live on fruit, which I love!

I am a purist when it comes to fruit, and I don’t like any added sugars or unnecessary stuff. That is why I was excited to find TJ’s Just Mango Slices a couple of weeks ago. Nothing but slices of dried mango – yum! I keep a package in my desk at work for the mid-afternoon sweet craving.

Just mango slices

Thank you, Janet!

Thank you, TJ’s!

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