Sweet corn – vegetable or dessert?

25 May

I love corn on the cob. In the past, I’ve gotten some super yummy sweet corn from the grocery or farmer’s market. But then the next corn I brought home was a little tougher or not as sweet or flavorful.

The first four-pack of corn I bought at Trader Joe’s was amazing, which I much appreciated and delighted in. But then I bought my next corn quartet. Could it possibly be as good as the first? Would I be disappointed or find the next batch a solid meh?

No meh about it. Each ear was another slice of Iowa-born heaven. And so was the next package. And the next. I hereby proclaim that TJ’s corn on the cob is the best kind of sweet – consistent and predictably delicious.

TJ’s corn on the cob

My favorite cob toppings: olive oil and sea salt. How do you dress your corn? There are some interesting ideas in the related links below.

Have a happy, safe and food-elicious Memorial Day, everyone!

Thanks, TJ’s.

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