Two important hints to know about Trader Joes

28 May

I was greeted at the check out counter by TJ’s Jessica who said, “That is the prettiest basket I’ve ever seen!” And it was – I had three bundles of pink and white flowers. Here’s a glimpse of the biggest and best bunch:

Beautiful bouquet

(Pretty, huh?! And when I walk into my house, it’s like I’ve walked into a florist! Love it! This is the one that survived Jessica’s careful scrutiny.)

However, upon further inspection, Jessica noticed that two of the three bouquets had seen better days. They were wilty and a little sad looking. She pointed out the blossoms that had fallen to the bottom, and she predicted they had no more than a day of life left in them.

Yes, I’d noticed that they weren’t as perky as TJ’s usual selection, but I needed decoration for that night and thought, “Maybe they’re not as worn as they seem to be?” I can be delusional with the best of them.

Here’s the thing. On this particular day and time (Wednesday afternoon about 3 p.m.), the pickings were quite thin. After I decided to nix the nearly dead blooms, Jessica imparted the following two pieces of TJ’s information that can shape our TJ’s shopping habits forever…

1) Best time to buy flowers and produce: Saturday mornings

2) Best time to find newly stocked frozen foods, grocery items (chips, cereal, etc.): At night

Those are the times/days when those items are freshest and newly arrived.

Do you have any other tips for shopping at TJ’s? I’d love to hear them!

Thanks so much, and happy shopping!

Thank you, Jessica! Thank you, TJ’s!

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