Extraordinary lemon bars

4 Jun

This is my lemon bar story: I was headed to a dinner one night with the instruction to bring a lemon dessert. I thought I’d take advantage of the opportunity to bring one of my favorites: Lemon bars.

My first instinct was that I’d find a great recipe and whip up a batch of homemade. Somehow, though, time got away from me.

Jump to the day of the dinner, I was at work until 6 p.m. and dinner was at 7 p.m. I called a local grocery’s bakery department. They had lemon bars! Yes!

However…when I got to the store, the lemon bars looked anemic. Luckily, there was a lemon cream pie available to achieve that evening’s goal. But, lemon cream pie is no lemon bar.

Enter Trader Joe’s. About a month ago. Frozen food aisle. Peering up in its gleaming yellowness, a box of “12 classic lemon bars.” But the box was very small. How thin would these bars be? Twelve?! And frozen is so often far from homemade.

Oh. My.

Best. Lemon bars. Ever.

What the box contains is really more like two or three huge lemon bars cut into 12 cubes of lemon heaven. Delicious! They have a tartness that stops short of making you pucker with perfect tempered sweetness.

Lemon bar lovers, Trader Joe’s knows what you like. Once again.

Thank you, TJ’s.

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