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18 Jun

I’ve always loved the beer selection at Trader Joe’s. When I lived in L.A., I could count on getting a 6-pack of tasty Dutch, Czech or German beer at a shockingly low price – the brew-side equivalent of the classic Two-Buck-Chuck.

In Kansas City, a couple of things changed: First, the beer is a little pricey, running about $1 more than the same beer at other stores (at least for the Pilsner Urquell and the Boulevard Brewery flavors). However, I admit, after saving money on the other products, I will save a trip to a second store and buy the beer there for one-stop shopping.

The other difference is in the selection of singles. Maybe they offer singles in other TJ’s around the country – I don’t remember seeing that before. What struck me about the choices, was the array of Missouri beers. How cool is that?!

Missouri beer selection

I love our hometown Boulevard beers. This gives me a chance to taste types that I haven’t tried before, plus the opportunity to taste test beers from around the state!

One note for Missouri beer buyers: There’s a law that mandates beer must be purchased in quantities of three or more. I believe it might come from Missouri’s Liquor Control Law, Section 311.200, which states:

2. For a permit authorizing the sale of malt liquor not in excess of five percent by weight by grocers and other merchants and dealers in the original package direct to consumers but not for resale, a fee of fifty dollars per year payable to the director of the department of revenue shall be required. The phrase “original package” shall be construed and held to refer to any package containing three or more standard bottles of beer. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 311.290, any person licensed pursuant to this subsection may also sell malt liquor at retail between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and midnight on Sunday.

It’s a curious law, huh?! This kind of encourages drinking more than one might have! Chalk it up to another government oddity. Does anyone know the origin of this law? Another note, I think it only pertains to smaller beers (i.e. 12 ounce) – larger beers are still available as singles.

In the meantime, since you need to buy at least three to taste one, check out the selection on TJ’s posted beer menu:

TJ’s beer menu

Happy beer drinking!

Thanks, TJ’s!

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