Dynamic Duo: High Fiber Spaghetti and Tuscano Marinara Sauce

20 Jun

Our guest post today is from Sheila:

I’m usually a make-it-from scratch kind of gal, but a few times a week I need a no-fuss, fast and flavorful meal that appeals to two teenage daughters who rarely agree on a menu. Spaghetti with red sauce makes a weekly meal appearance at our dinner table.

Unfortunately, pasta isn’t known for its high-protein, high-fiber content … until now.

High Fiber Spaghetti

Trader Joe’s High Fiber Spaghetti has 6 grams of fiber in a 2-oz. serving compared to 2 grams in standard spaghetti.

The fiber gives the spaghetti substance and flavor, something to really sink your teeth into. My kids noticed the difference the first time I served it.

Top it with Trader Giotto’s Tuscano Marinara Sauce.

Trader Giotto’s Tuscano Marinara Sauce

It’s low acid and preservative free, easy on my husband’s sensitive stomach.

TJ’s claims the California tomatoes are sauced within hours of harvesting, which explains the sweet and fresh tomatoey taste.

Dinner in 20 mins.? No problem.

Thank you, Sheila!

Thank you, Trader Joes.

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