TJ’s *hearts* lemon cookies

25 Jun

Walking down the aisle at TJ’s, I was drawn to a cluster of yellow and soft blue packages cascading down a clip strip. I needed one of these beauties in my cart – not only pretty casing, but the promise of dainty heart-shaped cookies – and lemon ones, at that! *Sigh*

Another line item on that day’s TJ’s bill was born.

Lemon Heart Cookies

As you know, this blog is focused on items that I or a guest poster love. I have to say, at first taste, these cookies almost didn’t make it. I was expecting more lemon POW but the taste I found was more subtle and delicate.

However, on second tasting, sharing with friends, a full conversion happened, and I appreciated the cookies, not for matching my imagined expectations, but for what they were. An important life lesson, too.

Thank you, TJ’s. Namaste.

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