A good thing to do with TJ’s Quinoa Duo

27 Jun

This is really a double post – the discovery of TJ’s frozen pack of Quinoa Duo with vegetable melange.

Quinoa Duo with vegetable melange

I heated the whole package (although it’s easy to prepare serving by serving, leaving the unused portion in the freezer).

It was good. Basic.

Quinoa Duo from the package

I had a couple of servings as is. Which was good – the vegetable melange adds some crunch, and hitting on a random onion was a point of pleasure.

But the third time I went to the quinoa container, I wanted a little more umph. So, I used the mix as a base and looked to see what was in the fridge – another randomness in the process. This is what I found:

Quinoa Duo Plus ingredients

My first thought – wow, I have a lot of green stuff in my frig. I found the basil, some little cucumbers, lime, avocado and onion. NOT PICTURED: Kalamata olives.

Quinoa Duo Plus prepared

I could have added just a smattering of salt, but other than that, it was an instant taste sensation! Other ideas for future mixures: Feta cheese; baked chicken; tofu; cilantro or parsley; green olives; red grapes; tomato; dill pickle; crispy lettuce for a quinoa salad.

Quinoa salad?! Be still my heart.

Thanks, TJ’s!

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6 Responses to “A good thing to do with TJ’s Quinoa Duo”

  1. Dagmar Bleasdale (@DagmarBleasdale) June 27, 2012 at 10:11 pm #

    Thanks for mentioning my photo of my vegetarian dish with TG\’s Tofu with Quinoa Duo, here is the recipe:

  2. sarah3holmgren March 6, 2014 at 12:22 pm #

    yum! another great snack is to line a tortilla roll (can always use a gluten free) and put this stuff inside. delish!

    • Procurrent March 6, 2014 at 7:13 pm #

      What a great idea! Thanks for sharing it, Sarah!



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