Organic chicken breasts. Easy meal option.

29 Jun

When I can, I like to buy in bulk – especially when talking frozen foods or foods I plan to freeze (this product is found in the refrigerated meat section).

But, when it’s come to chicken, I either have to open the whole thing and separate to use individually, or the plan will be to use the whole bundle at one time, so that I don’t risk thawing and refreezing over and over. Plus, it can be difficult and time consuming to chip the pieces away from their frozen hub.

Enter TJ’s Organic boneless and skinless chicken breasts.

Organic chicken

Each breast is individually wrapped and the price comes in at about $2.00 per piece. I haven’t done a price check against other stores on this, but a $2.00 main course seems like a great deal to me.

Also, it’s organic, and the package claims that it’s “sustainably farmed, raised without antibiotics.” So, eating one of these tasty tenders is also an effort at doing something environmentally good for the world (despite the extra packaging). And it’s better for your body.


Thanks, TJ’s!

P.S. – Maybe a future version will include recyclable or edible wrap for the individual breasts?!

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