In snacks we trust – the healthy choice

4 Jul

I keep trying to declare my independence from the Siren call of chips. Today’s post is a note-to-self. Although it’s personal from me to myself, please feel free to use the contents as you like.

Hey, Self,

Remember about grape tomatoes and edamame in the shell! They’re both available at TJ’s, they both can be salted, and they’re good for you! Stock your frig and plant this tasty image in your brain…

Snack mantra: tomatoes and edamame. (Y)om.

So, no more chip binging, right?! With  healthy, yummy substitutes like these, chips are SO a thing of the past! Right?!

Well, at least it’s an opportunity to eat fewer chips…right? Just make an effort to remember this option during your next chip craving.

You’ll like me, your self, better for it.



Thanks for the healthy treats, Trader Joe’s, and Happy Independence Day, to everyone!

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