Voir le Tour de France avec cette savon belle!

11 Jul

What better way to celebrate the Tour de France than by luxuriating in a hand wash with Trader Jacques’ Orange Blossom Honey French liquid soap?

Orange Blossom Honey, oo la la!

The light, orange blossomy fragrance will whisk your soul to one of the quaint villages seen as a blur behind sweaty, tortured cyclists.

The scent will transport you to a dainty, seated position under a large Oak on one of the French countryside’s rolling verdant hills. Meanwhile, the bikers struggle with bruises, sore muscles and the threat of torn ligaments as they encounter incline after incline.

Guests in your home will also notice and ask where you picked up this delightful personal cleanser.  On your last trip to Paris? In a little boutique on New York’s Upper East Side? “No, silly,” you answer, “at Trader Joe’s. But, of course!”

Viva la savon!

Merci, Trader Jacques.

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