Trader Joe’s: #Winning

10 Aug

Everyone can win at Trader Joe’s.

Many TJ’s locations offer a daily raffle. If you bring in your own shopping bag(s), you can fill out a little ticket for a chance to win a $20 TJ’s gift card.

After months of filling out ticket after ticket after ticket, I asked a staff member, “Does anyone ever really win?” The staff member said that TJ’s drew five tickets per day – five lucky winners. Per day. Yes, I have super poor raffle karma, but I still thought getting one of those golden calls was a myth.

Until I got the call to claim my card – no passing GO, no forms to fill out, no strings attached. I couldn’t believe my ears! Luckily, the call had gone to voice mail, so I could replay and verify that I really, really won.

So, if you consider yourself someone who never wins “these things,” yet you fill out raffle tickets compulsively, each time shrugging, shaking your head and smiling nervously as you recite our mantra, “I never  win these things,” take heart. It is possible. You can be a winner, too!

Thank you – thank you! – Trader Joe’s!

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