Wrapping paper “how-to” with Trader Joe’s sacks

19 Sep

I aged last weekend. Not, hopefully, in the spoiled, “do-not-use-after-this-date” manner, but in the typical yearly occurrence of passing the anniversary of one’s birth. Aging, growing, surviving.

And, partying!

A few friends and I got together for a pre-birthday toast, and I was surprised by not only some stellar presents waiting, but also some amazing gift wrap!

My clever friend and TILATJ’s guest blogger Janet created a beautiful bow (guided by instructions she found on Pinterest), and wrapping from a Trader Joe’s paper wine sack. Check it out:

Bow and wrap: Thanks to TJ’s wine sack and Pinterest instructions

Box bottom

And look what’s under the bow!

The pretty pair of earrings inside the box were beautiful, but what a lovely entrance they made, too!

Thank you SO much, Janet!

And thank you for the craft inspiration, Trader Joe’s!

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