Fish Friday: Trader Joe’s Salmon Jerky

9 Nov

I’m a jerky fan from way back. It reminds me of my dad and cross-country road trips with the family when I was little.

I also love salmon. So, when I saw Wild Salmon Jerky on the shelf at TJ’s, I had to try it.

Wild Salmon Jerky from Trader Joe's

The Wild Salmon Jerky experience

I have to say, at first bite, I wasn’t sure it was blog worthy. Upon second bite, I still wasn’t sure. After the third and fourth bites, I still wondered. But, here’s the thing, there was a fifth and sixth bite, and I kept on biting.

It’s predictably and thankfully salty, but the salmon has a kind of funk to it – a little smoky with a fishy tang. Then, just when you think the flavor’s packed its punch, here comes the hint of maple syrup. One thing’s for sure: It’s not your daddy’s jerky.

I recommend it if you have adventurous taste buds and appreciate the stronger flavors.

Thank you for putting the Wild in the Salmon Jerky, TJ’s.

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One Response to “Fish Friday: Trader Joe’s Salmon Jerky”

  1. Bill January 4, 2014 at 7:20 pm #

    Man, I just tried the Salmon Jerky and Holy Mother of God it was disgusting!!! I DO have adventurous taste buds, hence my trying something like this, but wow, this stuff is extraordinarily nasty!!! I recommend NOT buying!

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