The best roasted chicken. Here’s why.

14 Nov

A whole chicken that’s been roasted, sitting in its tasty warm juices at the grocery store near you to feed your family instantly for less than $10 is one of the best things about life in the 21st century.

I always wondered, why are these chickens so over-the-top, even dangerously, delicious? Seriously. I used to buy roasted chickens from a nearby grocery store, pre-Trader Joe’s. I would devour those things!

The chicken aroma was almost too much to bear in the car on the drive home. I was hardly in the door when I tore the plastic shell apart and became a beast, chowing on legs and thighs and breast meat, grease flying, soiling napkin after napkin, until being so full that I fell into a poultry-induced coma.

Did you catch the key word to the secret ingredient? “Grease.”

I looked on the nutrition label and before the mention of spice or seasoning, there it was – roasted in oil.

Enter Trader Joe’s version of the baked bird. Yummy seasoning, tender meat, no mention of oil. And if I missed some technical language or small print, at the very least, it wasn’t swimming in oil the way other groceries serve their hens.

Roasted chicken from Trader Joe's

Pure deliciousness, without the oiliness.

The best roasted chicken – delicious, easy and without swimming in oil. That’s why.

Thank you, Trader Joe’s.

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