Christmas classics: Chestnuts, candy cane coal and gingerbread cookies

24 Dec

On the day before Christmas, we’re running around getting last minute gifts, making sure we’ve seen all the holiday movies, sung our favorite carols and put our cards in the mail.

It’s also time to make sure we’ve had a taste of our favorite Christmas dishes before the season’s over!

Here are a few things you may have missed, and that Trader Joe’s makes easy to serve:

Chestnuts always make me feel like I’m in 18th Century Europe. If you’re a Martha Stewart disciple, TJ’s offers chestnuts in the raw.

raw chestnuts from Trader Joe's

Chestnuts in the raw

However, at this late date, I know I don’t have time to roast them in the oven, let alone over an open fire!

If you’re like me, you might opt for Trader Joe’s package of peeled and cooked chestnuts for any recipe need, or just for warming up and pretending they came from a German vendor at the Kindlmarkt.

ready to eat chestnuts

Chestnuts, ready to eat

Gingerbread men are another holiday treat. These cookies fall on the list of things we love but only eat during the winter holidays. And we always wonder why that is…

cookies of gingerbread

Little gingerbread men will give you your gingerbread fix

And who doesn’t want to miss out on getting their yearly lump of coal?! Trader Joe’s turns a frown upside down, makes lemonade out of lemons and takes a sad looking thing like a chunk of coal and makes it delicious, too!

Trader Joe's makes coal delicious

Because you’ve been so good this year: A lump of coal for you!

Thanks, again, Trader Joe’s!

Merry Christmas to everyone from Things I Love at Trader Joe’s!

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