Mom’s cure for the common cold

4 Jan

Mom had one word when we started coughing, sneezing or aching: garlic.

Garlic: Delicious, natural healing from Trader Joe's

Garlic: Nature’s antibiotic

I’ve seen people scoff at the idea. I’ve also felt a ton better after taking a garlic “treatment.”

One evening I saw the revelation occur firsthand. Our family was eating at an Italian restaurant. The waiter was not feeling well, looking red in the face and pretty puny. Mom told him to go in the kitchen, get a slice of bread or a little pasta, chop up one or two cloves of garlic and eat it.

He was clearly skeptical but, perhaps because his resistance was down and his fever was climbing, he did as Mom said. The guy came back about 5 to 10 minutes later with the look of shock on his face. “I feel better!” he said. (And none of us got sick from his budding germs, probably because there was enough garlic in our spaghetti!)

Garlic is used as a seasoning in many cultures, and medicinally. I call it “nature’s antibiotic” – it boosts your immune system to help fight off germs.  It’s said to cure conditions or aid in general good health. I believe it!

Tip from Mom

Besides eating a couple of cloves of raw garlic, like our waiter did, Mom also used cloves like lozenges.

How to suck on a garlic clove

You take two cloves of garlic and peel off the outer husk without breaking the skin of the clove. Suck on the first clove for an hour – again, don’t bite it or break the skin in any way. Throw away that clove and then suck on the second one for an hour. I saw her cure a severe bout of sinusitis by doing that!

Thank you for your natural meds, Trader Joe’s.

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