Oh, my darling, Clementine! Trader Joe’s bevy of Cuties

18 Jan

Oranges are oranges are oranges, but Cuties are sweet heaven! It’s Clementine time again in America.

I’ve bought Cuties that were torture to peel with thin skin adhered to the fruit. I’ve eaten near tasteless Clementines and ones that sang loudly, that were so sweet they could be sold in the candy aisle.

Trader Joe’s offers a bag of Cuties that have loose peels and sweet nectar. Maybe some aren’t quite candy-aisle worthy, but the flavor is good and juicy.

Cuties from Trader Joe's

Out of the bag: Tasty Cuties from Trader Joe’s

IMPORTANT NOTE: During this month’s game night with friends (yes, we played Telestrations, again : ), I heard that you should eat fruit on an empty stomach or with other fruit; that eating fruit after other food diminishes the vitamin value. But fruit is such a wonderful end to a meal!

So, I searched for confirmation or debunking and found The Major Rule for Eating Fruit from MindBodyGreen.com. Check it out – it offers confirmation of my friends’ statement with a nice explanation that includes: if fruit is waiting to be digested while food slower to digest is being processed, the fruit “will be held in the stomach too long … and will rot and ferment in the gut.”

The site’s recommendation is to snack with fruit between meals. But read what they say. It’s fascinating and good for you!

Thank you, Trader Joe’s!

And thank you for visiting Things I Love at Trader Joe’s!

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2 Responses to “Oh, my darling, Clementine! Trader Joe’s bevy of Cuties”

  1. Sheila January 18, 2013 at 3:49 pm #

    My snack of choice is most often fruit: apples, strawberries, pears, even a grapefruit half. It ALWAYS a satisfying choice, removes any cravings for less nutritious candidates. And I absolutely adore clementines, especially Cuties. They should be stocked in the candy aisle.

    • Procurrent January 18, 2013 at 5:05 pm #

      I totally agree, Sheila! Thanks for your comment! : )

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