Veggie chili + onion soup = Recipe born via Trader Joe’s

22 Feb

This is what I was up against this morning:

Blizzard of Oz

Snowpocalypse 2013

The storm was forecast all week, giving us time to fill our car tanks and stock our pantries. I’d made the pre-storm-weatherer’s obligatory trek to Trader Joe’s, but when the day came, what was I really going to eat?!

Like a gastronomic incantation, I was surrounded by one word via radio and social media: “Chili.” So, naturally, I thought to myself, “Soup sounds good!”

I looked around and noticed two softball-sized onions in their prime. “Onion soup! Love it!”

Then I looked in my cabinet and saw the lone can of TJ’s Organic Vegetarian Chili I’d bought after a mouth-watering moment at the TJ’s tasting bar. The chili seed that had been sown in my psyche was about to burst through my brain and onto the stove.

This is what happened next:

onion soup plus chili

Onion soup and chili: an idea is born

Another element of the equation was that my neighbor mentioned she was making chicken soup. So, instead of keeping everything vegetarian, I found a box of chicken stock that was in sore need of being used and made that the broth for my onions. (You can easily substitute water or veggie stock.)


onion soup and veggie chili on the stove

Simmering stew buddies: onion soup and veggie chili

I ladled one scoop of chili into my bowl and covered it with the onion soup.

And, voila:

chili in a bowl

Is it chili? Is it stew? I don’t know, but it’s good!

Accessorizing: I added a splash of balsamic vinegar and sprinkled Parmesan cheese on top. I would also recommend adding some lemon juice.

If you’re in the way of this winter’s wicked weather, be safe, stay warm and eat well!

Thank you, Trader Joe’s!

And thank you for visiting Things I Love at Trader Joe’s!

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