Iconic at Trader Joe’s

3 Apr

This week’s WordPress writing prompt is to feature something that means “iconic” to you. Seeing that, immediately, I began to think about what’s most iconic to me about Trader Joe’s.

In other words, finish the sentence: “Nothing says Trader Joe’s like … ”

Contender one: Fresh cut flowers

Poetry in a bunch

Tulip totem

But…lots of stores carry flowers. I just happen to love Trader Joe’s variety.

Second contender: The Fearless Flyer

Table of fearlessness

Table of fearlessness

I felt like I was getting really close. The Fearless Flyer is a witty compendium of TJ’s latest offerings, a cross between The Onion and an abbreviated edition of the Sears catalog, as much fun to read as it is to eat the yummy food items it refers to.

But does everyone know about it? I say, “Fearless…” and you probably end that with, “Christian Siriano!!!”

And then it hit me. The one TJ item that has reached the level of pop icon.

The symbol of all that is beyond fairly priced about Trader Joe’s: Two-buck Chuck.

Two-buck chuck from Trader Joe's

The pride of Trader Joe’s

Sure, it’s not exactly $2 anymore, but the name sticks, the symbol lives and a humble wine is elevated to iconic heights.

What’s your TJ’s icon? Nothing says Trader Joe’s to you like …

Thank you, TJ’s and thank you for the inspiration, WordPress!

And thank you for visiting Things I Love at Trader Joe’s!

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