What’s new at Trader Joes: Coconut Oil Spray

20 May

There are so many things at Trader Joe’s that fill me with wonder. “What’s that?!” and the obvious next question, “How would you use that?”

My only association with coconut oil is with movie theater popcorn. I’ve never considered it for home use. So, when I saw Coconut Oil Spray at TJ’s, I had to check out the options.

Coconut Oil Spray lined up and ready to deliver

A series of sprays

Ingredients and facts about Trader Joe's Coconut OIl Spray

What’s behind the pretty face

TheKtchn website is a big fan. The site recommends using it for all your sprayed-oil needs. I’m a BIG fan of olive oil, though, so I need to know how it compares.

On other sites, I find the jury out for which oil spray to use. Also, I’ve found mentions of using a separate oil sprayer and pouring in your own oil to avoid propellants in the prefilled canisters.

What is your experience? What’s your favorite oil spray(s)? How and when do you use it/them?


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