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A good thing to do with barley and kale from Trader Joe’s

4 Feb

Today’s post is from Gen:

What’s better than having a quick-cook grain on hand for an impromptu pot of hearty chicken soup with kale?

TJ’s new “10-Minute Barley” fits the bill. It’s washed, par-cooked and ready to go.

Trader Joe's grain goodness

The foundation of a good meal: 10-Minute Barley

Only thing is, depending on your predisposition for “al dente” dining, “10 minutes” is more like 15.

Still, it’s a fine alternative to having to cook the raw grain for 40 minutes or more.

Note: Because the par-cooked variety is larger in size, 1 cup of the 10-minute variety is less than 1 cup of raw, uncooked barley, so take that into consideration when planning portions you’ll need.

Buon appetito!

Thank you, Gen!

Thank you, TJ’s.

And thank you for visiting Things I Love at Trader Joe’s!

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