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Holiday gifts from Trader Joe’s

19 Dec


  • The rush of feet.
  • The cold, crisp air.
  • The credit cards
  • that get lots of wear.
  • It’s Christmas time.
  • and we hurry to find
  • gifts for those we love.
  • We feel so behind!
  • Yes, the aisles of Joe’s
  • yield tasty treats,
  • like cheese and fruit
  • and seasoned meats.
  • But … what’s this? you say,
  • on shelves are sold
  • packages of goodies -
  • gift-giving gold!
  • There are jars of jam
  •  - four flavors in a pack -
  • there’s raspberry and orange
  • for a spreadable snack!

Trader joe's jams

  • And the ultimate choice
  • in hostess gift selection:
  • You’ll find mini soaps and bath salts
  • in the toiletry section!

Trader Joe's Bath Salt Trio

Mini soaps brighten every occasion!

  • So, to all a Merry Christmas,
  • and the end to gift-buying woes.
  • You’ll find treats for everyone
  • at your local Trader Joe’s.

Thank you, Trader Joes!

And thank you for visiting Things I Love at Trader Joe’s!

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