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Cheese: The best thing since sliced…

24 Oct

Brie always comes in that distinctive round shape. Right?  It’s the traditional party wheel. Which is why my eyes widened unnaturally, and I stopped mid stroll, nearly causing a six-cart pile up.

I may have gasped.

There in the pricier cheese section was a long, rectangular brick labeled: Sliced Brie. What the formaggio?!

Block of Brie

What a discovery! Brie has come down off its round horse and joined its cornered brethren. Cracker Barrel, welcome home the prodigal son; the long-lost dairy daughter; the wayward double-cream kid.

Let the party season begin!


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Trader Joe’s: Party over here!

13 Aug

Years ago, when I was living in Los Angeles, I was a week away from coming to visit the Midwest for three weeks during the Christmas/New Year’s holiday season. I had planned a few parties with friends there during my stay.

During that week, I stopped off at Trader Joe’s. They had several displays featuring party faves – olive tapenade, other dips and festive foods. I looked around and realized that if I wanted to offer the same things at the holiday parties in the Midwest, they would either be found at nearly five times the price of TJ’s offerings, or not available at all. I was so sad.

Speed ahead a few years, and we know that TJ’s has come to the Midwest and holiday parties are happier for it!

But the picture below was actually at a little party in L.A. last week, when I was hosted by my cousin and her husband. The spread was simple and delicious – all from Trader Joe’s.

The Raisin Rosemary Crisps were a nice, sweet complement to the blue cheese chunks. The taste of the almond sparkling wine was surprising. It was also really sweet and novel – a conversation piece.

Thanks, cuz!

Thanks, TJ’s.

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Trader Joe’s pita chips: The satisfaction of reduced guilt

20 Jul

The cracker aisle is one of my favorite Trader Joe’s sections. I have my never-fail faves (Pita Bites and Savory Crackers, for two), but also love discovering other yummy items.

The other day, these “reduced guilt” pita chips with sea salt caught my curiosity.

Trader Joe’s Pita Chips with sea salt

At first bite, the chips aren’t the salty snackers my faves are, but I had a few as an appetizer before dinner and enjoyed. Plus, I really like that the 6-oz. bag is not a one-serving size – like most potato chip bags and other chips loaded with come-hither ingredients.

Also, I dipped a chip into the rice side-dish I had during dinner and am thrilled (and a little nervous) to report that these chips make excellent dipping media. And even if your dipping sauce offers a year’s worth of calories, the “reduced-guilt” factor of the pita chips kicks in to make you feel better.

From the bag:

  • Serving size – about 8 chips
  • Calories per serving – 100
  • Calories from fat per serving – 20

Thank you, Trader Joe’s.

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Savory crackers, big and small

8 Jun

What is it with Trader Joe’s crackers? They are so good, I end up eating them like chips!

Savory Thins are half-dollar-sized salted crunchy discs. Dangerously addicting.

Savory Thins

But, if they look too cracker-like, inhibiting your ability to eat voraciously, TJ’s also offers Savory Thin Mini Crackers, which have the same taste allure, but resemble a little chip more closely.

Savory Thin Mini Crackers

So cute, so small, I’ll just have a few…and a few more…and a few more… and… they’re gone!

Um, thanks, TJ’s. I think.

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A crunchy New Year to all…

1 Jan

…and to all, a good bite!

Kansas City TJ’s can’t keep these bad boys of the snack persuasion on the shelf during the holidays! Pita Bites are first cousins to any chip you can’t stop eating. You can eat these crackers with cheese and other pretty toppings like the ones shown on the box, but Pita Bites are addictive in their birthday clothes.

Happy New Year to all! Happy shopping and sharing in 2012!



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