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Happy Pickle Day! Pucker up and let the celebration begin!

14 Nov Pickles from Trader Joe's

Whether you’re feeling sour or sweet, this is a dilly of a day for pickle lovers. And Trader Joe’s is no slouch in offering a tasty array of gherkin goodness.

From traditional …

Pickles from Trader Joe's

The salivation starts here.






… to sublime.

popcorn that tastes like a dill pickle

Pickle Popcorn, making tastebuds happy since 2015

But you can also find ingredients at Trader Joe’s to make your own fabulous pickles – and what better way to celebrate than with a brine binge?! Check out “A Good Thing To Do With Persian Cucumbers from Trader Joe’s” for a mouthwatering pickle recipe, with step-by-step instructions.

And for facts, history and recipes about National Pickle Day, check out this post from International Business Times.

A seasonal reminder: Persian Cucumbers

10 Apr

Note to self: It’s time to make another batch of pickles!

Maria sent this endorsement:

“My brother turned me on to these cute seedless cucumbers. Easy to slice one up and throw in your salad for some crunch and texture. No peeling required!”

It's pickle-making season again

Pickle-perfect cukes

Thank you, Maria!

Thanks, TJ’s.

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A good thing to do with Persian Cucumbers from Trader Joe’s

26 Oct

I love dill pickles. It has been one of my lifelong dreams to make my own. Well, to research making pickles. I figured, if it was too complicated and required too many unusual ingredients, I would forget about it and make room for other culinary dreams. Store bought pickles are just fine.

Then, while recipe surfing one day, I found a Garlic Dill Pickle recipe on Chow that involved only eight ingredients (water is one of them), and started with, “This is as easy as pickling gets, so there’s no reason not to make your own dill pickles.”

Hello, pickles! The recipe of my dreams.

The kicker, though, came a few months ago when I discovered Persian Cucumbers at Trader Joe’s. These thin, seedless cukes instantly conjured thoughts of canning. They were the perfect size and came seven to a package.

Persian Cucumbers from Trader Joe’s (Don’t they look perfect?!)

So, last Sunday I embarked on the pickle-making journey. I picked up two Persian Cucumber packs and assembled the rest of the ingredients.

Pickling ingredients

White vinegar, Kosher salt, garlic, , fresh dill, mustard seed (I used ground mustard) and a bay leaf. Also, water (not shown).

Chopping dill and garlic

Chopping dill and garlic on the glass cutting board (one of my favorite kitchen items).

After dealing with the ingredients as the recipe instructed, I combined everything in a big bowl, put a plate over the bowl to keep the cukes immersed in the brine and then wrapped the bowl in plastic wrap. It stood for about three days.

Pickles pickling in a bowl

Everything’s in the bowl, the cocoon of pickling. ready to be transformed into garlic dill delight.

Three days later…

Pickles in brine

The plate comes off.

We tasted the pickles … FANTASTIC!!! Maybe a little salty. But good enough that I want to find other recipes and try variations in pickle making.

Pickles in the jar

Pickles in the jar. Beautiful!


What is your pickle making experience? Please let me know if you have any tips. Much appreciated!

Thank you, Trader Joe’s!

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