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The daffodil: A killer lurks within

27 Mar

Last weekend, Trader Joe’s had a deal on daffodils that I couldn’t resist; a small bunch for about $1.50. A cheap way to bring home some fragrant cheer.

As I was checking out, the TJ’s cashier advised that the daffodils should have their own container. She warned that the delicate and frilly flowers tend to murder their vasemates.

Who knew?!

Daffodils: Enemy of the flowers

A gang of daffodils

I heeded her advice, but I also looked it up for myself. I’m from Missouri, the skeptic’s state, after all. And I started finding other posts with the same thing – a newly informed daffodil owner in dismay, someone who was searching to confirm this dire indictment, and people who learned to deal with the recently acquired knowledge that their flowers were hiding a deadly secret.

I also found some tips about reforming these criminal beauties. It’s the sap that does the deed. Allowed to ooze, the chemicals the daffodils release make nearby flowers unable to absorb water and so they find their demise.

Thank you, Trader Joe’s cashier!

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