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Happy National Cheesecake Day!

30 Jul

Celebration suggestion: Buy Trader Joe’s New York-Style Cheesecake. Grab three forks and a couple of friends, and dig in.

Ed. note: I learned this through years of experience. It was hard, but I managed somehow. All for your benefit, dear readers.

You’re welcome.

A little cheesecake is the right thing to do

Over-the-top, creamy sweet goodness

How to survive the summer heat

18 Jul

I don’t tell many people about this, but I have Almostitis.

Almostitis is the condition where you want one thing, but you buy something almost like it to save on money, calories and fat content.

Almostitis is not a matter of simply deciding to buy something you like that’s healthier than something else you like. It causes you to buy something you don’t like as much, when you have a craving for something else. Yet, in the moment of purchase, you delude yourself that “this” is going to be just as good, and maybe even better!

Then these cheaper, less-caloric and lower-fat selections sit in our cabinets, refrigerators and freezers until they evaporate or mold.

What does this have to do with surviving summer heat?

A big part of my Almostitis has been about not buying the ice cream I really want. There are pints of fruity sorbet frost-bitten in my freezer. Bars of ice milk cushioning my frozen dumplings.

These cold symptoms boiled to a head a few weeks ago when I wanted to make a root beer float. Instead of buying some vanilla ice cream, I  brought home a container of vanilla frozen yogurt. The most unsatisfying result of so-called good intentions, and the pinnacle of wrong.

The only cure for Almostitis to go to the root of your desire and buy the seminal item. Delicious, refreshing and satisfying.

So, this is one way I’m beating the heat this week:

Trader Joe's Mint Chip ice cream

Pint of summer survival

It’s been a long time since a pint of real, creamy ice cream was walked through my door.

Welcome home.

What’s your favorite TJ way to survive the summer heat?


Bean So Green from Trader Joe’s

28 Jan

The green beans are delicious. And I love the cauliflower in the mix. But I have to admit, the garlic butter is addictive.

Beans, cauliflower and garlic butter.

Beans, cauliflower and garlic butter.

I’m somewhat skeptical of frozen veggies. Often, they cook up limp and mushy. I was pleasantly surprised with this bag of veggie goodness. However, I might be talking out of rose-colored taste buds from the yummy garlic butter.

Thank you, TJ’s!

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Potato pancakes how you like ’em: From Trader Joe’s freezer or from scratch

10 Dec

A staple of Hanukkah food is a serving of the traditional Hanukkah “Latkes.” In English, that means potato pancakes. Although they might look like a patty of hash browns, done right, they pack more potato punch than any shredded starch side dish you’ve ever had.

In Trader Joe’s style, we have options when it comes to latkes. The store offers a package of frozen ‘kes as a holiday specialty.

Latkes are potato pancakes

You say, “potato pancakes.” I say, “latkes.” Let’s just eat!

I tried one today – but I cooked it in a way that might be considered a sin against latke and Trader Joe’s. Instead of searing it or baking it, as recommended on the package and from thousands of years of Jewish cooking, I steamed it. I can be weird like that.

It was good! The flavor was tasty. Baked or seared, it would have been crispier, and I like a crispy latke. But I steamed it, and I was OK with my decision. At risk of committing further blasphemy, I’d recommend having a package on hand for times when latkes are demanded but time is short and hunger is urgent.

Of course, there’s the old school, make-your-own latke choice, too. TJ’s has a bag of the most colorful potatoes you’ll ever see. (If you’ve seen more colorful potatoes, please share your photos with us!)

A sack of potatos - latkes in the raw.

Trader Joe’s Potato Medley. Harmony in nature.

Basically, a latka is comprised of potato, onion and matzoh or bread crumbs. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper. Pan fry it in some oil and eat it with some apple sauce, sour cream or as it comes naturally from the stove.

Potato pancakes are also one of those dishes – like ravioli – that are a part of the cuisine of many cultures. I’d recommend exploring all of the flavors enjoyed with the cakes from different parts of the world, like Austria, Poland, India, Iran and Switzerland.

Toda rabah, Trader Joe’s!

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Chicken Chili Lime Burgers from Trader Joe’s

26 Nov

I had a Chile Lime Chicken Burger for dinner tonight. I cooked it – about 7 minutes per side. I toasted an English muffin as the bread element. Sliced onion, spread mustard and layered pickle rounds.

I thought I’d take a picture of the sandwich beauty in front of me. Then I thought, a bite out of it would be photogenic. Then I took another bite. A few more, and there was only a half sandwich left on the plate.

So, I thought, well, half a sandwich could work, too. After that, I’m not sure what happened, but I think my inner carnivore was unleashed because suddenly there was no sandwich left on the plate.

Here’s a picture of the box and the block of large frozen patties:

Trader Joe's Chili Lime Chicken Burger

An easy, chicken way to get your burger fix

There are four in the box. I recommend recreating the scene I mentioned above and enjoying again and again and again and again.

Sorry for the missing photo.

Thank you, Trader Joe’s

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It’s frozen pizza Friday!

2 Nov

I’s the end of the week, and when I get home from work, my meal-time mantra is, “Easy.”

Am I the biggest fan of frozen pizza? No. Have I hoped against hope that the picture of gooey cheesiness on the package would be the spitting image of the heated product? Yes.

And sometimes, just sometimes, that hope is not lost upon taking the first bite, like with today’s feature – Trader Joe’s BBQ Chicken Pizza.

Barbeque chicken pizza from Trader Joe's

 BBQ Chicken Pizza from Trader Joe’s

I’d actually harbored this box for a couple of months, afraid of disappointment. Last week I decided it was time this freezer fugitive step up to the plate – the hot plate.

I liked it. There was ample chicken, the sauce was yummy and the cheese was cheesy.

Even reheated the next day, the pizza was tasty and the crust was still crusty. Is it a replacement for homemade or freshly made ‘Zza from the pizzaria? Well…no. But for my purposes – hunger, fatigue and frugality – it hit the spot. And, it will again.

Thank you for an inexpensive, quick and easy dinner, Trader Joe’s. Happy Friday!

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Pure basil from Trader Joe’s

22 Aug

Trader Joe’s offers four ways to bring the basil home:

On the vine:

Basil plants

Freshly picked:

Box of Basil


Basil bits from the freezer section


Dried basil

If you like your basil as a condiment, you can check out the pesto  or, if you dare, the dangerously delicious Tomato & Basil Hummus Dip pictured below:

Thank you, TJ’s!

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