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Mandarin Orange Chicken

7 Dec

Today, we offer some quick ‘n’ crispy goodness. Recommendation from Lisa C:

Lisa says: Really great served with Trader Joe’s rice. Conveniently located in the frozen food case next to the Mandarin Orange Chicken.

Mandarin Orange Chicken

Great taste. Right price.

#1: Chicken Gyoza Potstickers

4 Dec

I lived in Los Angeles for several years, and during that time I came to know Trader Joes, not just as a fun, friendly, frugal food store, but as a special destination. It was and is my happy place.

This year, TJ s opened not just one, but two, tong-awaited locations in the Kansas City metro. The town has gone Trader Joes Crazy! And now my happy place has come to me.

Today – and I mean, about an hour ago – I was talking to my friend Karen. We were discussing a sort of potluck thing and several TJ’s items were mentioned. She said, “We should have a place where we can see all our friend’s favorite TJ items so we can remember what we want to try when we go shopping.” Brilliant idea, Karen.

An hour later: This is that place.

We plan to post photos and brief descriptions, anecdotes, etc. of our fave TJ finds and must-haves. We invite you to share your TJ experience with us, as well as any unique food combos, recipes and ideas.

Take care and enjoy!


Disclaimer: This blog and any of its contributors are in no way, shape or form associated with the Trader Joes company, aside from being happy customers. This blog does not represent the views or endorsements of Trader Joes staff, management or corporate overseers.


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