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A brownie bite of heaven

24 Aug

Last week, I wanted to bring treats to work. Small was a big factor, something my coworkers could have a pick-me-up, avoiding the weigh-me-down tendency of larger treats.

There were a couple of options, including the aforeblogged and beloved lemon bars. Although we’re all on the healthy choice side,  I’ve felt a chocolate vibe lately in the office, so I went with the Sea Salt Brownie Petites. Small, potentially a low crumb factor and chocolate.

When I buy items at Trader Joe’s, I’m always eager to find out if they’ll make it to this blog. However, when I bought these brownies, I was more concerned with what would be most appreciated at work, and I kind of forgot about the posting potential.

Then a few things happened.

1) Co-worker delight. The rave reviews at work were unanimous.

2) Utter happiness. I tried one and in the words of the sages, OMG!!! They are SO good! Densely chocolate and just the right portion size to keep the guilt meter happy.

3) Lightbulb. I realized I had the subject of the coveted Friday post position.

Thank you, so much, Trader Joe’s!

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