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Epic Bars: Stylish snacking

8 Dec


You know what these are. You might deny it, but, come on. You can tell.

Even with the sleek packaging and the cool name promising an “Epic” experience, (though it delivers), you know.

It’s clear even though each parcel is veiled with the requisite hipster labels: “100% natural,” “X g. Protein,” the predictable “Sriracha” and the inevitable, “Gluten Free.”

There’s chicken, because that’s what’s for dinner anymore. And it’s NOT beef. It’s bison, the cow’s sophisticated cousin from the range.

You knew what these REALLY were from the moment you flipped the pretty package over and saw the enticing block of melded meat parts, albeit including cranberries, the tight-fitting plastic wrap clutching the treat within.

These are the next generation of on-the-go meat snacks. But you won’t find them sold at a service station. They rest in woven baskets at gourmet, high-end and unique food stores. They sit waiting for the lucky consumer in bins at the exclusive corner market in Brooklyn, and yes, at our favorite grocery mecca, Trader Joe’s.

Come on. You knew it: Beneath the slick wrapper and trendy words, these are your old friend Slim Jim with an advanced degree in delicious. “Stout James,” you might say.

What the new set of duds and fancy stores really do are take away our Slim Jim guilt. “Look at all these great qualities,” we say, trying to fool ourselves that Epic treats are more energy bar than meaty meat bomb.

We’re wrong, of course. But it’s a nervous, naughty, joyful wrong. When Epic slips out of his pop packaging, this bad boy’s all Jimbo. Healthier, classier, but still. Wink.

And while we’re devouring every speck, we choose to ignore the truth for a giddy glimpse of gas station bliss.


Fish Friday: Trader Joe’s Salmon Jerky

9 Nov

I’m a jerky fan from way back. It reminds me of my dad and cross-country road trips with the family when I was little.

I also love salmon. So, when I saw Wild Salmon Jerky on the shelf at TJ’s, I had to try it.

Wild Salmon Jerky from Trader Joe's

The Wild Salmon Jerky experience

I have to say, at first bite, I wasn’t sure it was blog worthy. Upon second bite, I still wasn’t sure. After the third and fourth bites, I still wondered. But, here’s the thing, there was a fifth and sixth bite, and I kept on biting.

It’s predictably and thankfully salty, but the salmon has a kind of funk to it – a little smoky with a fishy tang. Then, just when you think the flavor’s packed its punch, here comes the hint of maple syrup. One thing’s for sure: It’s not your daddy’s jerky.

I recommend it if you have adventurous taste buds and appreciate the stronger flavors.

Thank you for putting the Wild in the Salmon Jerky, TJ’s.

And thank you, too, for reading and following Things I Love at Trader Joe’s!

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