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Chicken Poppers: The Mexican Falafal

9 Dec

I’m not a falafel fan. But when I approached the Redondo Beach Trader Joe’s today, I was hungry.

What I saw was a paper cup with a falafel-looking bite accompanied by guacamole. I was hungry, and I love guacamole.

Tasty taste of Chicken Popper and guac

As I said, I WAS hungry, so that factor could have clouded my falafel-averse tastebuds, but the Chicken Popper bite I had was good enough to tempt me to buy a whole box. Plus the Avocado’s Number Guacamole, which was mighty tasty, too.

Trader Joe's has guacamole's number

I hesitated, though, because the calorie count and fat content were on the high side. The tasting bar-ista suggested they were meant as appetizers, which made me think of the uber delectable Kale and Spinach bites. You can bet that once inside your house, the balls of delight will mysteriously disappear between the time you take them out of the oven to when the plate arrives in front of your guests.


Instead of saying, “180 calories per 3-piece serving. Box contains 4 servings,” the box should read, “720 calories per serving. Box contains 1 serving.” Psychologically, if you can restrain yourself, you’ll feel like, “I have many fewer calories than I could have!”

The falafel issue
Both the taste and texture of the Chicken Popper were reminiscent of its Middle Eastern cousin. But the crunch in the CP comes from crushed tortilla chips, and the protein element traded chicken for chick peas.

If you don’t like falafel, you may really like Chicken Poppers. If you love falafel, you’ll probably love them.

Suggestion: Perhaps the next time you have falafel, whip up some guacamole to go with it – or just buy a batch from Trader Joe’s.

Organic vegetarian chili from Trader Joe’s

26 Sep

Fall has arrived. Not only on the calendar but in the air.

Crisp temperatures, cool days and leaves turning yellow and red mean one thing: Chili weather.

As you might remember, I’m not a beef fan. For me, eating chili means substituting beef for chicken, turkey or veggies.

Trader Joe’s makes it easy.

Organic vegetarian chili from Trader Joe’s

I tried this at the tasting bar last week, and it was delicious. Very flavorful without being too spicy, for heat wimps like me.

Doctor it with cheese, onions, Tabasco sauce, sour cream, a little balsamic vinegar and a splash of olive oil, chopped black olives, cilantro … the combos are endless, just like with the meat version, but healthier, fewer calories and less fat.


Thanks, TJ’s!

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You had me at roasted garlic salsa…

9 Jul

As longtime readers of TILATJ know, I love TJ’s Salsa Verde. But the roasted garlic salsa is the one men have died for. This salsa makes healthy, strong women weep at a barren shelf where that salsa used to be. It’s the garlicky goodness that makes the most veggie-phobic child eat her broccoli.

Roasted garlic salsa

And, for such a powerful item, the $1.99 price brings a tear to one’s eye as the tasty contents brings a smile to one’s lips.

Thank you, Trader Joe’s.

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Livin’ the salsa verde

18 May

It’s always a tough choice – green or red? Trader Jose’s Salsa Verde puts up a compelling argument for green.

Total disclosure: I’m a heat wimp, but a flavor craver. I LOVE this salsa. It’s got more of a tang than a bite, but it’s full of personality.

However, when you’re comparing it against TJ’s Roasted Garlic Salsa (subject of a future post), I only have one thought: Why choose?


Salsa Verde in action, slathering a couple of TJ’s Tamalitos:

Salsa Verde in action

Trader Jose’s Salsa Verde

Gracias, TJ’s!

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