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The wild life: Trader Joe’s frozen salmon dinner

27 Jul

As long as it’s above 90 degrees F, I’m going to be exploring meal options that require no stove-top or oven cooking.

While I could eat salad for dinner every night, I’m lured down Trader Joe’s freezer aisle and inevitably something thawable goes home with me. Case in point: Wild Salmon with orzo, spinach and zucchini.

Sure the picture on the package looked delicious, as they always do, but would the contents live up to the beauty shot, as they often don’t?

Well, if it’s featured on this blog, it means it gets a thumbs up from Things I Love At Trader Joe’s.

One hint: I’d recommend heating on the lower side of what’s recommended on the package (about 6 mins.) to make sure the salmon doesn’t become dry. Mine was tender and delicious, and looked like this:

Wild salmon cooked

Thank you, TJ’s.

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