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Thanksgiving stuffing from Trader Joe’s

19 Nov

Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite organized, national meal of the year. It’s the night to come together in group form to eat homemade comfort food.

Trader Joe’s offers short cuts to comfort. Their Chicken Sausage and Cornbread Stuffing makes it easy to deliver a yummy essential to the dinner table quickly.

Box of stuffing from Trader Joe's

Box of stuffing from Trader Joe’s

Stuffing in a pan

What’s inside the box: Pan of stuffing

Or maybe you’re like me. The T-day dinner is a made-from-scratch spread. I’m often, gratefully, at someone else’s house, so I return home to a refrigerator lacking in one of the best outcomes of a traditional Thanksgiving – leftovers.

Needing a bigger fix of yams, masheds, turkey, gravy, green beans and stuffing, I look around for smaller quantities. I’m thinking this year, TJ’s pan of stuffing will be on my week-after menu.

Thank you, Trader Joe’s.

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