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It’s frozen pizza Friday!

2 Nov

I’s the end of the week, and when I get home from work, my meal-time mantra is, “Easy.”

Am I the biggest fan of frozen pizza? No. Have I hoped against hope that the picture of gooey cheesiness on the package would be the spitting image of the heated product? Yes.

And sometimes, just sometimes, that hope is not lost upon taking the first bite, like with today’s feature – Trader Joe’s BBQ Chicken Pizza.

Barbeque chicken pizza from Trader Joe's

 BBQ Chicken Pizza from Trader Joe’s

I’d actually harbored this box for a couple of months, afraid of disappointment. Last week I decided it was time this freezer fugitive step up to the plate – the hot plate.

I liked it. There was ample chicken, the sauce was yummy and the cheese was cheesy.

Even reheated the next day, the pizza was tasty and the crust was still crusty. Is it a replacement for homemade or freshly made ‘Zza from the pizzaria? Well…no. But for my purposes – hunger, fatigue and frugality – it hit the spot. And, it will again.

Thank you for an inexpensive, quick and easy dinner, Trader Joe’s. Happy Friday!

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