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Daffodils when it rains. Perfect. Just what I needed.

30 Jan

The world’s been a little topsy turvy lately, and the weather has been leading the tumult.

Yesterday, in Kansas City, we hit a record high of 76 degrees for that day. Thunderstorms overnight left us with a still-balmy awakening, but by mid morning the temperature started turning south, and it was downright chills and drizzle by the time I left work and headed for a quick trip to Trader Joe’s.

I was carried through the entryway in a swirl of floral scents, but I was rushing in from the cold and didn’t take as much notice as when I was leaving.

On my way out, I lingered to whiff a while. Just standing still, letting go of the day’s rush and filling my lungs with daffodil air made me feel so good. On a cold and dreary night, the little plants, sitting pretty like it was a sunny spring day, were just what I needed. A wintertime spirit lifter.

Daffodils from Trader Joe's

“I wandered lonely as a cloud…”

Thanks much, Trader Joe’s.

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