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Raspberry Tarte: Fresh from the box

18 Jun

Another tasting bar moment.

Raspberry tart from Trader Joe's

Delicious fruity pie

Truth: The tart being sliced into looked just a little tired; not as perky as the picture on the box. I still bit, and took the taste.

The tart might have looked a wee bit weary, but the flavor was alive and kicking! The raspberries tasted fresh and the crust was light and buttery.

The back of the box was nice looking, too:

Serving per container – 4 (you read that right!)

Calories per serving: 290

Fat content per slice: 90

It’s in the running to become my party go-to dessert.

Festive, bubbly Trader Joe’s: Spanish sparkling wine

3 Sep

A holiday weekend. A beautiful evening with a few friends gathered at your house. Interesting conversation. Lots of laughter. It’s obviously time to break out the bubbly and make it a party.

Labor Day 2012 presents …

Now it’s a party: Albero Spanish sparkling wine

Fruity, refreshing and bubbleful.Relax. Enjoy. And cheers to my mom. It’s her birthday today.

“Cheers!” A fun night with friends and family

Thank you, Trader Joe’s, and happy Labor Day!

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