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Trader Joe’s catch of the day: Wild Salmon Rolls

25 Jan

I’m still in D.C. It’s been extremely cold here this week, something I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss. Not.

The other night, I found myself arriving an hour early to meet a friend for dinner in Arlington. As I ascended from the Metro, I feared not being able to find a place to hang out.

But as my eyes cleared from wind chill and Metro dust, right across the street the welcoming red of the Trader Joe’s sign gleamed in my direction.

I wandered around, picked up a few greeting cards – one can always use extra cards to have on hand.

The tasting bar was offering Wild Salmon Rolls. I love East Coast fish rolls – lobster rolls in particular. And I love salmon. So, despite dinner plans, I had to try a bite.

Salmon roll samples at Trader Joe's

Salmon roll samples at Trader Joe’s

The bite I had was fabulous. Salmony, kind of dry (my preference over gooey with dressing) and the bread was really good.

Salmon roll at Trader Joe's

The whole roll

Now, I just have to pray that the Trader Joe’s in Kansas City has them on hand, too!

Thank you, TJ’s.

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