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Appetizing appetizer: Olive Tapenade Spread

3 Dec

Game night each month is a great way to get affirmation that one of my TJ faves is a party pleaser. Last week was a perfect example.

The main course was taken care of. So were dessert and drinks. So, I took the opportunity to offer a jar of Trader Joe’s Olive Tapenade Spread.

Party time tapenade

Trader Joe’s Olive Tapenade Spread: Chunky olive goodness

Accompanied with some Pita Bite Crackers

Trader Joe's Pita Bite Crackers

Addictive appetizer companions, that’s what these crunchy little rounds are.

And my friends went crazy. So did I. This is no dainty dish – there are meaty chunks of olive in this spread for the serious before-meal eater.

It's party time with tapenade, full of chunky, meaty olives.

It’s party time with tapenade, full of chunky, meaty olives.

Another hors d’oeuvres triumph!

Thank you, Trader Joe’s!

And thank you for visiting Things I Love at Trader Joe’s!

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Have you tried the tapenade? What did you think?

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Bonus note: We played a game called Telestrations. It’s a bit like “telephone.” Instead of whispering to the next person, the play alternates between writing a word, drawing a representation of the word, then the next person guesses what the word was from the drawing. Here’s an example of an effective drawing:


Telestrations: Last week’s game-night game. “Fisheye”


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