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Happy Thanksgiving!

28 Nov
Thank you for following Things I Love at Trader Joe’s! We’re thankful for you!
Thankful for good friends and family

Savor the wasabi in Trader Joe’s trek mix

8 Mar

This tasty treat – we’ve got its number. Wasabi turns up the volume in this bag of crunchy goodness – peanuts, almonds and peas.

Trader Joe's Wasabi Trek Mix: A satisfying spice bomb of nuts and peas

Trader Joe’s Wasabi Trek Mix: A satisfying spice bomb of nuts and peas

This mix’ll kick you from behind and keep you moving on down the trail. It’s the taste of off-road travel.

The only problem is being able to close the bag before it’s empty. Tighten the reins, cowgirl. Tighten the reins.

Travel snacks from Trader Joe’s

1 Aug

I don’t know about you, but when I travel, I don’t usually take snacks. Yes, I think I’m that tough. “Because I don’t have any snacks with me, I just won’t get hungry and I won’t eat anything,” I say to myself. Then I add, “Maybe I’ll get some gum.”

Despite the bravado and the gum, invariably I become ravenous before boarding, panic and buy some over-priced, unhealthy food item at the airport shop-ette, feeling the fatty junk-food goodness slide into my system, calorie by calorie.

This time, I’m vowing, it’s going to be different.

I’m traveling soon and while on my recent Trader Joe’s run, I selected an assortment of palette-pleasing treats verging on the healthy – or at least on the not SO unhealthy – side.

My health-conscious travel snacks

First and foremost, I had to appeal to my overriding love of salt. I thought the cheese would be a good alternative to crackers and steer me away from that evil standby – chips.

As for satisfying the sweet side, I tried to veer away from chocolate (melt prone and fat laden), keep it small (I usually need just a tiny bit), and even possibly include something healthy (that would be the roasted and processed plantains, and the sugary fruit leather).

Then there is the box of brown rice “Rice Crispy Treats.”  I’ve been wanting an excuse to try them and am grateful for my sudden brainstorm to accommodate that urge. If they’re all I’ve dreamed they would be, I’ll give them a post of their own soon.

TILATJ (i.e. this blog) will be on the road for a bit. I hope to collect reports about TJ’s in other towns to share with you along the way, or when I return, depending on what my down time will allow. I’ll definitely let you know how my travel snack companions fared.

Do you have any favorite travel snacks that err on the side of healthy, or fall under the category, “not-as-unhealthy-as-it-could-have-been?” Please share, and we can all put the ideas on our list for our next trip.

Thanks, all! And, thank you, TJ’s.

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