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Celebrate Dumpling Week all year round

1 Sep
Dumplings thanks to Trader Joe's

xie xie, TJ’s.

Whether you’re in China, Italy, Russia or Mississippi, dumplings, no matter what they’re called locally,  are often what’s for dinner.

National Public Radio honored the small, doughy, culturally shared food with a week of its own. NPR offered dumpling stories, information and how-tos including pierogi, tortelloni and shumai. (NOTED: they all end with an “i.”)

If you’ve noticed our header photo, you’ve probably guessed that TJ’s Chinese Gyoza Potstickers are one of our all-time faves and a grocery-list regular. Likewise, TJ’s shumai. So, we were extremely thrilled about the coverage and the week-long commemoration.

If you missed the tweets, the instagram pics and vids or the broadcasts, here are a few links to help you catch up and/or relive the moment:

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It’s frozen pizza Friday!

2 Nov

I’s the end of the week, and when I get home from work, my meal-time mantra is, “Easy.”

Am I the biggest fan of frozen pizza? No. Have I hoped against hope that the picture of gooey cheesiness on the package would be the spitting image of the heated product? Yes.

And sometimes, just sometimes, that hope is not lost upon taking the first bite, like with today’s feature – Trader Joe’s BBQ Chicken Pizza.

Barbeque chicken pizza from Trader Joe's

 BBQ Chicken Pizza from Trader Joe’s

I’d actually harbored this box for a couple of months, afraid of disappointment. Last week I decided it was time this freezer fugitive step up to the plate – the hot plate.

I liked it. There was ample chicken, the sauce was yummy and the cheese was cheesy.

Even reheated the next day, the pizza was tasty and the crust was still crusty. Is it a replacement for homemade or freshly made ‘Zza from the pizzaria? Well…no. But for my purposes – hunger, fatigue and frugality – it hit the spot. And, it will again.

Thank you for an inexpensive, quick and easy dinner, Trader Joe’s. Happy Friday!

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Trader Joe’s: Party over here!

13 Aug

Years ago, when I was living in Los Angeles, I was a week away from coming to visit the Midwest for three weeks during the Christmas/New Year’s holiday season. I had planned a few parties with friends there during my stay.

During that week, I stopped off at Trader Joe’s. They had several displays featuring party faves – olive tapenade, other dips and festive foods. I looked around and realized that if I wanted to offer the same things at the holiday parties in the Midwest, they would either be found at nearly five times the price of TJ’s offerings, or not available at all. I was so sad.

Speed ahead a few years, and we know that TJ’s has come to the Midwest and holiday parties are happier for it!

But the picture below was actually at a little party in L.A. last week, when I was hosted by my cousin and her husband. The spread was simple and delicious – all from Trader Joe’s.

The Raisin Rosemary Crisps were a nice, sweet complement to the blue cheese chunks. The taste of the almond sparkling wine was surprising. It was also really sweet and novel – a conversation piece.

Thanks, cuz!

Thanks, TJ’s.

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