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Ftw: Go fish at Trader Joe’s

2 Jul

Tonight was the night I cooked the frozen Marinated White Fish Vera Cruz.

White fish Vera Cruz from Trader Joe's

Catch of the day

It comes out of the bag a hefty mound – obviously not meant for a single serving. I let it mostly thaw in a bowl of warm water for about 20 minutes, then put it in the microwave for the suggested 4 minutes + 2 more minutes.

I put a dainty piece on my plate, and was really happy with the flavor, the texture and ease in which it went down the gullet. I dished out another serving. Gone soon. Well, then there was just one piece left. I could save it for tomorrow, but why wait?

I realized I was getting stuffed, but the marinade was so good – tomatoes, green olives, chiles, onions and capers – that I felt the need to finish it all off.

Serving size suggested on the wrapper? Four servings per package.


finishing off the white fish Vera Cruz

The last bite


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